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Playing with Rings

Toddler Program

Our toddler program is designed meet the social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical needs of toddlers aged 18 months to 36-months old. Our toddler teachers work cohesively together to create an environment that allows children to freely move throughout the room, all while having a structured schedule. 

Play gives children a chance to practicewhat they are learning- Mr. Rogers

Meet Our Toddler Teachers!


Ms. Makayla Cuoco
Assistant Teacher- Toddler 1


Ms. Christine Kelleher
Lead Toddler 2 Teacher

Monica Pic.jpeg
Hannah New Pic.jpeg

Ms. Hannah Corrigan
Assistant Teacher-Toddler 2

Jade Pic.jpeg

Ms. Cait Lindstead
Assistant Teacher-Toddler 2

Ms. Monica Rathbone
Floating Teacher

Ms. Jade Reese
Floating Teacher

Physical Development

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