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Infant Program

Our Infant program is designed to serve children aged 6-weeks to 18-months old. Our infant teachers strive to create an environment that is nurturing, calming and safe for our youngest learners to grow and develop. Children are free to move around the classroom as they explore and discover! Read more about our program below.

Physical Development in Infants

Infants are always on the move, move, move! In our infant classrooms, the teachers focus on large motor skills such as free standing, sitting,  pulling themselves up, rolling over, walking, & climbing.  Our open floor plan allows  infants in both of our classrooms to explore this stage of development safely utilizing many of our different large motor toys and manipulatives!

Meet Our Infant Teachers!


Ms.Josie Gould
Lead Infant 1 Teacher


Ms. Jen Stone
Assistant Teacher- Infant 1


Ms. Caitlin Parker
Lead Infant 2 Teacher


Ms. Sophie Reed
Assistant Teacher- Infant 2

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