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Click the program specific to your childcare needs below to learn more about the opportunities offered at Creative Sprouts!


 Infant Program (6weeks-18months)

In our Infant rooms at Creative Sprouts, our teachers create inclusive, safe and nurturing environments for our youngest learners to grow and develop. Click on the link to learn more!


Toddler Program (18-36months)

In our Toddler programs, children are exposed to a more structured environment and learning to be on one schedule. We are focusing on our self-help skills, potty training, engaging in structured activities and ,much more! Click to learn more about our Toddler programs!


Preschool & Pre-K Program
(3-5 years)

Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs are designed to prepare our children to enter into Kindergarten. Our qualified teachers create hands-on, age-appropriate lessons and focus on altering their lessons to fit the needs of each child. Click to learn more about our Preschool & Pre-K programs!

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